The future of forest management can only work in this way. On the one hand, the price of wood has been at the same low level for 30 years, while at the same time the labor costs for harvesting the wood is increasing. That means large areas are needed for this to somehow still be sustainable. That’s why you actually need collective forests.
(Interview Udo Meller, District Forestry Inspectorate)

The activities that the collective ownerships carries out are of course extremely valuable, ecologically and of course for tourism. Looking at the last few years, what they have achieved is quite impressive. The resources that have been preserved, the countless paths on the mountains that have been made and maintained…this has enormous added value for the population.
(Interview Dominik Mainusch, Mayor Fügen)

We cooperate a lot, in projects, a lot of exchange, annually and then over several weeks, many years already. I don’t think that you can refer to them only as landowners then.
(Interview Willi Seifert, Managing Director of the Zillertal Alps High Mountain Nature Park)